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 New Blog on How Energy Work helps you achieve 

 Peace~Balance & Harmony 

 simply by Speaking {writing} your emotional turmoils & anxiety.

  Our World Wide COVID-19 pandemic has stirred up alot within for many. 

 Here is your opportunity to speak & be heard without 'shame' 
{ & oh ya,  you have nothing to be ashamed of; please know that}
 {{{....the stigma of being + & believing you have passed it on to others can create 'fear' that is sometimes hard to let go of until you feel you have been heard...}}} 

 I want to hear/read your words....speak out....here is your forum to do so. 

 This is Energy Work !!! Don't Hold Back!!! Just let it go !!! 

 Any comments that are in any way violent - rude - crude - bashing - or vial will be reported, blocked & removed.

Please feel free to tell your story on what the 'after affects' of having this deadly virus.  Or just what you went thru when someone you loved had it.  Mild or severe just talk to one person on what it is like to loose your sense of taste for 3 months & still continuing.