Introvert vs Extrovert




1}  Introverts tend to enjoy more time to themselves, are intuitively aware of their internal thoughts and tend to recharge more in solitude ~ become very energized by being alone. 

2}  Introverts prefer to avoid social gatherings & would rather be reserved and withdrawn ~ they tend to lose energy when in extended periods of time in a social setting.

3}  Talkative introverts probably identify best with a windup toy. {i love windup toys}

3}   Can be one of four types; social, thinking, anxious, or restrained:  or a blend of all four

4}   Introverts are deeply connected with their own values. They know what they like & don't like and what they want to get out of life. This self-confidence makes them more attractive, sophisticated, & desirable.

5}  Introverts are very sensitive to other's pain; they are excellent listeners & very compassionate.  They are not fans of trivial dialogues, but usually very supportive & will be by your side (mostly because they have 'been there, done that'; or currently going thru the same thing}.

6}  Tend to remain in close spaces and boundaries, physically and mentally.

7}   Introverts don't usually seek out special attention or big social engagements.  This is exhausting to them.  Usually are thought of as quiet, reserved, & thought individual. This can lead to being misunderstood.

8}   Introverts generally prefer not being in a relationship versus being in a bad relationship.

9}  When they do flirt or begin a dating process, introverts are likely to go slow in getting to know someone, they tend to be a bit shy, and that's ok.

10}  They are not great at sharing their feelings with others, because they like to take care of themselves.  

11}  A Balanced Introvert takes ownership/responsibility of themselves & what they do/say/& think.

12} Introverts are great at catching things you may have missed.  Great at coming up with potential problem solutions or at least troubleshooting so you may see what you have overlooked.

13}   Introverts are generally the minority of a group within society, but form the majority of the group who are considered gifted.  Healers, Musicians, Thinkers, Visionaries, Dreamers, etc.

14}   Introverts value their alone time.... giving them the gift of enjoying being with themselves.... a balanced introvert does not lean towards being lonely.

15}   They tend to enjoy the 'one on one' camaraderie as 'swarms' of strangers will kick in a panic attack / anxiety.

16}  Introverts enjoy being by themselves & their own personal space, being respectful of others personal space, {sometimes Extroverts see this as being shy or possibly rude, Extroverts sometimes lack the compassion of accepting Introverts for who they are}.

17} Introverts looking for a good partner will always choose the 'good listener'.   Due to enjoying most of their time alone, an introvert will love to 'talk' to the good listener and will enjoy the banter between each other.  Usually an introvert doesn't care to share emotions, and thoughts with another, but if you are a ‘good listener', well then, you have their attention.

18}  Rarely will an Introvert become angry.  However, if you do see anger arising within an Introvert?  Run for your life.  They tend to explode!  This is due to holding it in for incredibly extended times.... then when you "push that button" .... they let it go!!!  Literally!   

19}  Introverts will 'hold it in' because they don't like hurting others.  They will usually quietly tell you to stop, and if you choose to continue, they then unleash their anger.

20}   They do this because they are tired of being misunderstood and bullied.

Famous Introverts:  Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Zuckerberg


1}  Extroverts will often choose to seek out engaging social interactions with others. They are talkative, and very expressive.

2}   Most often the life of the party, they are outspoken, outgoing and absolutely love being around other people.

3}   High-stakes, high goals and big rewards to look forward to the Extrovert will push through with increasing levels of energy by staying positive.

4}  An extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people, and they tend to get 'charged up' by interactions with other people.

5}  Extroverts may 'feel' the emotions of an Introvert {emotional empathy} vs 'understanding' their perspective or another's mental state at the time {cognitive empathy}.

6}  An Extrovert is usually highly sensitive and gifted in feeling the energy of a room and 'feeling' others reactions {Emotional Empathy}.

7}   An Extrovert will actually find their energy draining when they spend too much time alone.

8}  Extroverts love attention and will enjoy being in a group like; fitness classes, team building activities, sports, workshops, group meditations, etc.

    An Introvert prefers self-help activities, working at home, working out in the basement, alone time for self-reflection. They prefer to 'not be watched'.

9}  Extroverts can be affected by low self-esteem, yet still be outgoing.  They crave attention, compliments, or 'high-five...atta girl/boy’, from others, and when they don't get it may become depressed and/or anxiety may set in. And may have feelings of low self-worth.

10}    Extroverts can get 'social anxiety' when they are at a 'moment of truth'...that light bulb moment when they see someone's other side of things.  If their 'need' for social interaction conflicts, they may get social anxiety, resulting in feeling lonely and unhappy.


Ambiverts have both introvert and extroverts’ tendencies. Depending on the situation an ambivert will divert to what quality they need to lean into.  This is a great advantage over either the introvert or the extrovert.

If you’re an Introvert, try sharing your feelings through this blog, it could be a great way to reduce any stress you’re holding within.  I am very proud to be an Introvert and am constantly working on being an Ambivert. By interacting with others {and if you choose to do so 'Anonymously' then please do} you may be able to 'Speak Your Truth' and release those inner demons without harming others in your path, lol. You may receive an 'inner cleansing of your Soul.

Loneliness, is considered negative, as feelings of self-doubt, self-hatred, etc. can set in.  Opening you up to depression.  Get out for a walk-in nature, or soak in the tub with Epson salts. However you choose to relax & get out of your busy mind naturally, do so.  You choose how you want to live.

Both Introverts and Extroverts have personal and social/work problems.  Stress is stress for both.  How one is able to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly of 'stress' depends on which side you’re on.  Being an Omnivert gives you the ability to balance out the overall dealings with your issues.  

'Issues in the Tissues' is very real for both the Introvert and the Extrovert.

Compromise even if it means; “Agree to Disagree', 'Honour them by accepting their opinion, even if you disagree', 'fight fair'.  The Yin & the Yang, Extrovert~Introvert, they can balance each other out.  With open communication they tend to not take each other personally or negatively.  

Great Balance can be achieved between partners

Converting from one Intro/Extro vert 

Changing behavior is possible.  It is a good way to become an Omnivert.  Make sure you do this by choice, and not because someone wants to change who you are so they can become more comfortable being with you.  This could be a challenge for many.  That's ok.  To fail, to succeed, one looks into the face of challenges, 'Feel the fear, and do it anyway.'  You will fail, {at least once} but you will never succeed if you do not try again.


1}   Let go of the past.  Do not let the past dictate who you are or what your future will be.

2}   Know your own Limits

3}   Accept who you are

4}   Challenge yourself occasionally

5}   Surround yourself with people who love and understand you without judgement or criticism.

Bottom-line Check List:

1}  Are you happy being who you are?

2}  Are you willing to challenge yourself?

3}   Are you in Balance with your Body ~ Mind ~ Soul?

Change if you want to, or not, your choice.

Just Be