Anger ~ Is it 'unspiritual' to be angry?


Is it 'unspiritual' to be angry?

Spiritual Beings who think of 'others' before themselves 'may' feel many emotions when they feel angry.

From being:

1. Justified ~ or Horrified 👀

2. Self-Loathing ~ Self-empowered💪

3. Angrier ~ or Able to work through it and 'Let it Go' & accept yourself as who you are 😇 

4. Hold it within ~ after-all, 'Do No Harm?' right? 🤕{uumm...look in the mirror...holding it within will harm you}


*you have a right to be angry 

*you have a right to deal with this the best way you can and in the most effective way you know that works for you 

*you have the right to heal and be 'you' {and not what someone tells you who you are} 


*Mentally ~ Physically ~ Emotionally or Spiritually harm 'anyone' {btw that includes yourself} 


Whatever your reasoning is to be angry 😡 there is probably a good reason for it. Usually one does not have to go too deep within to find the current 'trigger' that just pushed your button. 

From sibling rivalry to your next-door neighbor or a fellow co-worker, there are plenty of opportunities for triggers to be released. 

How you deal with them will determine your healing process & long term goals of managing your anger. 

1} Deal with it when it happens…make a commitment to yourself

🙉{I made a promise to myself to be able to receive an answer {from my higher self} within a 72 h r,3 days, time frame} 

🙈Many times now I am able to receive my answers within 24 hours

🙊The strongest power of anger is in the moment of time

Choose a time of less then 1 week…as this is the most productive time to do so. Typically,  the anger will either be ignored or suppressed. Or one could go on a ‘rage’ and take it out on anyone in their path.

If your having a difficult time receiving your answers it is usually because you have not taken a time out for yourself.

 We always receive answers, they are just waiting to be heard.

For instance:

1} Your at work:

👥Desk Job:  Go for a walk; do a 5 min stretch; close your eyes for 5min and think of nothing

👩‍🏭Outside Job:  Go inside for a coffee break, or a café; sit on a bench and do nothing

👣Active Job:  Do nothing; sit calmly and just breathe 

💻Electronic Devices:  Go out in nature! Soak in the tub, go for a swim, go to the gym, go for coffee time with a friend

Doing Nothing

AKA ~ no ‘To-Do List' ~ just breathe🌬

You get the picture 🤗whatever you do most of…. That's what you need a break from.

Spirit works in amazing ways! When you least expect it!  Ask your question, you always get an answer!

Odds are good you know all this already, sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Just breathe 🌬