NEW Offering ~ Reiki Courses ~ Levels 1 - 2 & Masters Lethbridge, AB......close to Costco area
April 7th 2018 ~ Reiki 1~~~ $175 {no gst}
April 14th 2018 ~ Reiki 2~~~ $175 {no gst}
April 21st ~Reiki Masters~~~ $175 {no gst}
All course Days are 9am to 4:30pm
I offer $25 off for you AND the participant if you take it at the same time....

To take just the Masters please send me an attachment of your Level 2 Certificate
or contact me

}Non physical ubiquitous energy }Power to heal & influence our lives
}Reiki energy always works for the highest good
}there is no need for us to move the energy 'our' way }get out of your 'own' way }Reiki energy knows what to do
Why attend a course physically?
1} Receive incredible energy not only from the Reiki Master teaching the course but also from amazing people of like minds that may find a new friend/guinea pig to practice never know
2} It’s a lovely way to jump start your goal towards achieving balance within.
3} Value of attending is ‘priceless’ get out of it what you put into it!!! We are in total control {of ourselves}
for more information & payment thru PayPal or

Deadlines of signing up / Fees are due 3 days prior to course date.
Namaste {meaning: "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" }
Linda Powell, RMT Reiki Master
Aka BeLinda Balance