A New Day

A New Day

Even before the New Year of 2015, I knew I had to attend the Body & Soul Spirit Expo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I could just feel that it would be a ‘life changing’ event for me.  Since the age of 15 yrs, I have searched via ‘psychic's’ for a greater understanding of myself, I used to be confused (about being different) and unsupported (in the 70’s) about my who I was.  I am proud to say; “I have grown up, lol”
That morning I drove the 200+ miles to the city with a friend.  We were both excited about the day.  As I walked in, the very first station had a ‘free’ spiritual healing session offered from a church group.  'Free', well we are off to a great start.
I sat in a comfortable high back chair with 4 gentlemen facing me; they ranged in ages from 18 to 70 yrs old.  The 35 yr old spoke to me with great kindness and a gentle voice.  I worried for a moment that I would not be able to hear him, as the drumming session (in the speakers section) had begun and was extremely loud.  A Shaman was clearing the energy in the building.
He spoke of a great injustice that was done onto me, and helped me pray for their forgiveness, which I was very willing to do.  Our session lasted 20 min and ended with him whispering (which I surprising heard, as I have been deaf in my right ear since the age of 7 from nerve damage...and all that loud drumming);
“You have so much ANGER in you”  I had a slight shock in my eyes & conceded with him that it was true, although not knowing why.  I have heard it for over 40 yrs about this anger, and still actually not knowing what it was I was angry about.

I moved on to the Shaman that had just finished with the drumming session and noticed that no one had signed up yet for a session with her.  I booked a ½ hr clearing (smudging & prayers) & literally waited 5 min for her.  She proceeded to do a 1 hr clearing and ending with a whisper in my ear;
 “You have so much ANGER in you”  I conceded to her that it was true, although not knowing why.

With much gratitude I moved on looking around all the stations and letting my feet be my guide.  I crossed paths with a gentleman from China, selling many things and also Tibetan Chakra Bowls.  I am a Reiki Master & Registered Massage Therapist so these were of great interest to me.  He proceeded to show me how to work them and as I expressed my gratitude he whispered to me;
“You have so much ANGER in you”  I conceded to him that it was true, although not knowing why.

Three for Three.  I see a pattern here. 
3 stations down I came across a woman who was selling ‘Sound Essences’ in a bottle.  Labelled for chakras, elements, spirituality & emotions.  She pulled out 3 randomly to spray & work energetically on me as I sat calmly enjoying the energy. Then she showed me what they were.
Wood Element:  Anger/Rage/Managing Stress
Root Chakra:  Vitality/Courage/Self-Confidence
Stargate: Remembering your Magnificence
LOL….Yup nailed it!!!

I kept moving, seeing, & enjoying the energy there.  Putting one foot forward at a time & allowing to trust where I would end up.  At this point I was hungry, so I ventured to the Kiosk for a healthy lunch.  They had organic Quinoa Salad.  I had just ordered the last one available and they were in the process of creating more ( it was only noon).  I received $2 off as I did not wish for the ‘goat cheese’ on it.
Happy tummy I continued on & found a ‘free coffee’ and another church group was handing out ‘free water in bottles’.  I felt so blessed & loved on this day. It was really blissful.
My path kept taking me to a station where an East Indian Woman (she was stunningly beautiful) was offering with her services readings, past lives, karmic healing.  I would pause at her station (5 different times) and continue on as I was not looking for answers (I was at peace with what I already knew).  I meandered for about an hour, shopping & meeting new people, & continuing to pause at her station.
Finally I gave in as my feet just stopped walking.

I sat down and immediately she asked me for some jewelry that I have worn for an extended time. I literally had *1* piece of jewelry (I like to buy jewelry at these functions).  It was a silver/tourmaline ring my good friend had given me for my birthday 6 months prior.
THIS was my session with her…..that changed my life forever.
Spoken with a true East Indian (I have a deep respect for all nationalities) accent she proceeded:
“Where did you get this from?”
Me:  “A very good friend gave it to me. 
“NOOO…..you have NO friends”
Me:  wait...what?  I whispered
“Nobody likes you”
Me:  ? 
“Everybody leaves you, nobody likes you, you have no friends.”  “You are a very bad person, mean, nobody likes you, everybody leaves you.”


She continued in this way of communication for over 40 min, then said:  “You have so much ANGER in you,”
ME: “yup,  I’m really starting to feel it.”  (I was feeling the anger, not towards her, just actually feeling the anger) and I must admit I was darn near in tears.
She closed her eyes and said quietly; “It is 1719”
Me:  “Well, you could have started with that….lol”
“NOOO….(she smiled sweetly)….it would not have worked.”

I walked out of there stunned & reeling with “What just happened?”   The anger was building within me (still without the knowledge of what & why).  My feet kept walking & I found myself standing in front of another Shaman.  She worked with Animal Spirits.  I sat down (still stunned) and she took one look at me and said.   “You have so much ANGER in you”  …
Me:  “I know right?”
Immediately she pulled in my Animal Spirit, the Black Panther (of course).
His face was nose to nose to me as I saw him clearly.  Within a moment the ANGER was removed.
I breathed a sigh of relief, and gratitude for the East Indian Beauty for doing what had to be done, triggering that anger within me.

I accomplished in that one day (took 6 healers) what was needed for me to heal, grow & move on.
Louise Hay:  "You need to Feel it to Heal it."
Blessed Be